Searching for Revit Families

A few BlueBryk users have reported manufacturers missing from their search results. There are at least two reasons for this issue. First, BlueBryk launched in “private beta” mode with a database that was not fully complete. Second, our current search engine is pretty primitive – not at all like Google’s or Bing’s.

PRIVATE BETA MODE – Upon launch, only a small, group of Revit enthusiasts were invited to use BlueBryk and provide feedback so we could improve the experience before going public. That was working very well – gathering feedback, fixing issues, completing the database. Our focus was on building a complete list of manufacturers providing free Revit families. Gradually we started adding data for keyword search, application filters, quality ratings, etc. The data is not complete yet.

PRIMITIVE SEARCH ENGINE – Our current search engine returns only exact-match results. In other words, if you type in “water heater” when the database has “water heaters”, the search will not return a result. I know this is very lame, but it is what it is today. And YES, we do plan to change it. Until we get that fixed, try entering your key word(s) in both singular and plural form.

WHAT’S NEXT – Based on your feedback, our short-term focus is on two priorities. First, we are making sure every manufacturer’s listing has all the products that they offer in Revit format. This will greatly improve the comprehensiveness of your search results. Second, we are limiting our quality rating efforts to identifying Revit content sources that provide either bad-quality Revit families or a very limited amount of Revit families. Our intention is to save you time by saying “don’t go there.”

WHAT CAN YOU DO? – Let us know when you run across a Revit family supplier that is offering poor-quality families. You can do this through the “Contact Us” button on BlueBryk’s home page. It is that simple.