Revit Technology Conference – Australasia 2013, Auckland, New Zealand

RTC Australasia 2013 has ended.  As is usual for RTC events, this conference was filled with great presentations, lots of good people and lots of fun.  For those so inclined, this event could satisfy your need for Revit-geek-speak AND your need for adrenalin rush of adventure sporting in New Zealand.  Personally, I expanded my life experiences by attending excellent sessions, making a presentation on Revit content (what else?) and doing a little exploring of the host country. 

One session I attended was an overview of Revit/BIM in Australia and in New Zealand.  Those in North America need to take notice.  Aus/NZ includes the founders of RTC and some of the best Revit users, Revit bloggers and Revit forum contributors on the planet.  Revit use in the southern hemisphere has a good start and is expanding fast. 

Presenters I could see, hear and hang-out with are world-wide-wizards in Revit: (in no particular order – and not comprehensive) Tim Waldock, Jason Howden, Daniel Morrison (MEP-HVAC guru), Alfredo Medina, Chris Price, Aaron Maller, Sherman Powell (MEP-Plumbing guru), Steve Stafford, Marcello Sgambelluri, Andy Milburn, Phillip Miller,  Nigel Latta (Keynote), Kelvin Tam.  RTC is definitely the place to get top-shelf Revit training from active users of the software.

After the event, I was able to take a week to explore the north and south islands (a tiny bit).  As you’ve heard, the people are friendly and helpful and the landscape is awesome.  ...When I figure out how to insert an image here, I will post a few images....