International Environmental Corporation

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Providing flexible solutions to our customers is what we're all about. It's what we continually strive to improve upon: It's a goal we've successfully attained for over 55 years. From strategic business initiatives to all aspects of our operations, providing flexible solutions at IEC involves streamlining and improving design and manufacturing processes to create a better product. Every step, every function, every detail of our business is constantly fine-tuned with one goal in mind -- to bring our customers the most effective solutions to their indoor air comfort challenges. The core elements of this process include highly skilled team-oriented personnel, clear and concise direction, and the necessary investment in tools and technology. The fuel that makes it all go is a highly collaborative environment, one in which innovation can freely rise to the surface to provide ideas that redefine the status quo and increase the overall value of products and application flexibility for our customers. At IEC, we are the worldwide hydronic fan coil leader. We take significant pride in our reputation of providing integrated engineered solutions to a multitude of building applications -- many of which are among the most recognized building projects in the world. Flexible solutions: It's not just a short list of features or available methods, it's an ongoing process of customization, and at IEC we improve upon that process every day.

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