InKan Limited is a world class Architectural Glass and Metal Fabricator providing both standard products and custom manufactured materials. Operating out of two facilities, the glass processing plant covers 50,000 square feet in the purpose built factory that they have occupied for over 35 years. Cutting glass from block sizes up to 130" x 240" with it's CNC cutting table, InKan is able to provide the largest cut to size glass available. InKan continues the glass processing with four edging machines and two CNC fabricating machines providing polished edges and holes or notches that meet any requirement. An industry leader in tempering glass; InKan has two tempering lines, heat treating glass up to 96" x 190" in thicknesses from 4mm (3/16") to 19mm (3/4"). InKan's in house colour matching ability with Opaci-coat 300 provides our customers with faster colour matches and more options for spandrel glass, as well as offering full coverage ceramic frit in sizes up to 84" x 144". InKan also provides glass laminating solutions with Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and SentryGlas (SGP) in sizes up to 96" x 190" in single and multi-laminated compositions. InKan rounds out its glass processing ability by providing silk-screened pattern ceramic frit in sizes up to 60" x 144". Having recently moved our metal shop into a larger building, InKan continues to grow its business with more capacity and diversity in its ability while maintaining the high standard of custom metal work that has been at the core of its business since its inception. With in house shear and brake, turret punch, milling machines and highly skilled manpower for fitting, welding and polishing, InKan produces Door & Sidelite rails, lock housings and all glass wall patches in house. InKan's ability to manufacture custom metal products is unmatched in the industry, our years of experience in both the glass and metal industry allows us the foresight to understand how the two divisions best integrate together and produce the material accordingly.

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