Erik Jorgensen

The story of Erik Jørgensen starts in Svendborg on Funen. Erik Jorgensen, who actually trained saddler and upholsterer, start working professionally with his passion for furniture and opens in 1954 in a garage in the city. Erik Jorgensen's great material knowledge and understanding of form is the professional driver with curiosity and flair to see what's happening in the market. And just demand and attention to customer needs is the foundation on which Erik Jørgensen still stands today. Erik Jørgensen's extensive network and constructive dialogue with the Danish team of architects, while maintaining the workshop, which in the meantime has become a furniture factory, steady work and a loyal fan base that celebrates the sublime craftsmanship and simple design that the factory's staff of skilled craftsmen provide. And just the high standard of craftsmanship is a key to Erik Jorgensen's success. Another key is Erik Jorgensen's understanding of the market and customer demand for solid design furniture. A third Erik Jorgensen's longtime co-operate with lower tier suppliers in leather, foam, wood and steel. Most suppliers are Danish and helps to anchor the production locally and the close dialogue between the factory and subcontractor ensures high quality furniture. Erik Jorgensen delivers furniture to countries all over the world and are brand synonymous with a long-lasting aesthetics. An aesthetic that is both grounded in tradition and craftsman, but also fed by innovative furniture knobs of both young and established designers. Innovation has always been high on the list by Erik Jørgensen. That is why we have established design competitions for new talent since 1995, from designers such as Ernst and Jensen, Ditte Hammerstrøm and Gamfratesi have shaped their path. Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition is another local forums that Erik Jørgensen participate in and celebrates the experimental furniture worn on the open dialogue between the designer and manufacturer based on our Scandinavian design heritage. Today driven Erik Jørgensen A / S Niels and Ole Jørgensen. This ensures innovation and quality. This ensures perfection and provocation. This ensures Erik Jørgensen.

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