Ecoglo Inc

Ecoglo® is at the “Leading Edge” in the emerging market segment known as supplemental (or passive) emergency lighting. Based in the United States - Ecoglo has relied on its innovation and technology to help establish its products in markets around the world. From winning the rights to develop world-leading technology for Sydney 2000 Olympic Buildings to installing blackout beaters in the high rise buildings in North America’s east, Ecoglo has been consistently ahead of the competition in product specification and innovation. As befits a technologically advanced company, Ecoglo has taken strong protection on its innovative intellectual property including world wide patents and trademarks. The company works through distribution partners in major markets, working closely with its distributors and licensees in market and product development. A widely held private company, Ecoglo has invested significantly in product development aligning its systems with building codes in major markets throughout the world. If you’re looking for emergency backup lighting Ecoglo has a range of glow-in-the-dark products that can keep your patrons safe like Step Contrast Strips, Non-Slip Strips, Photoluminescent Strips, Step & Handrail Products, Carpet Nosings, Handrail Strips, Thresholds and Markers

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