Eckel Industries Inc

Founded by Oliver C. Eckel in 1952, Eckel Industries has been at the forefront of acoustical development for over sixty years. Throughout this period of time, Eckel has provided state of the art acoustical test facilities and noise control products for a wide variety of applications. We specialize in : •Acoustical Test Chambers - Hemi & Full Anechoic Chambers, Portable Anechoic Chambers •Acoustical Testing Facilities - Supersoft Chambers and Reverberation Rooms •Architectural Acoustic Panels - Wall and Ceiling Sound Absorbtive Panel Systems •Audiometric Rooms, Booths and Suites - Audiology Hearing Test Booths •Modular Panel Noise Control Enclosures, Test Enclosures, Walls and Barriers •Specialized Acoustical Engineering and Design Services Throughout the history of our company, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has played an integral role in acoustical design and development. Today, Eckel anechoic chambers, noise control products and audiometric rooms are utilized in a wide array of fields, helping to further benefit technology and the human experience by creating optimal sound environments.

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