The company’s story began in 1984, when Garry Mundy and his two sons Robert and Kevin became interested in how air conditioning systems operated, and decided to design and build one for the family home in Sydney. The trio succeeded and news of their product travelled quickly. Soon the Mundy family was inundated with requests, and the ActronAir® success story was born. From these humble beginnings, the Mundy family quickly discovered that there was a gap in the market for high quality ducted air conditioning systems that were both energy efficient and designed for easier installation. It is this simple philosophy that has lead to numerous air conditioning product innovations over the past 2 decades. ActronAir has one of the most extensive ducted air conditioning product ranges in the Australian market. The ducted range of products are designed and manufactured in Australia. These products include: · Reverse cycle ducted split system air conditioners for both residential and commercial applications · Reverse cycle ducted rooftop packaged air conditioners · Vertical packaged air conditioners · Add-on air conditioners for use in conjunction with gas central heating

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