What’s Happening at BlueBryk?

A recent query we received said, “I don’t see anything different at BlueBryk. Is BlueBryk still active?
The short answer is “Yes”. The longer answer is more encouraging.

If a website looks the same, it is easy to assume that nothing has changed. That is why retail sites like Amazon constantly change the mix on their home page. At BlueBryk we do things differently because of where we started.

We started with the need to easily find the many sources of Revit families provided free by building product manufacturers. Where did we look? Autodesk Seek. Seek has about 300 manufacturers, but we kept looking. When BlueBryk launched, it indexed 1,200 manufacturers. We have been adding to that list every month since then. We added over 40 manufacturers with Revit content in May.

Our on-going process has identified more manufacturers to be added in June. And we continue to refine the search terms and enhance the information about individual manufacturers. So is BlueBryk active? Yes. We are working on the things that will bring more content to you faster.