What do you think of BlueBryk?

Since launching in “Private Beta” mode, BlueBryk has been receiving feedback. Thanks to all of you who have done so. Your feedback on the quality of manufacturer-supplied Revit families will make BlueBryk more useful for everybody. When the Revit community works together in this way, we all benefit. Not all the feedback has been about family quality.

Here are a few quotes from early BlueBryk users.
• “Thanks for doing this!” – Owner, small architectural firm
• “…look forward to sharing knowledge.” – Director of Design Technology, large architectural firm
• “Thank you!” – Consultant, BIM consulting practice
• “Thanks!” – Architect, small architectural firm
• “…on the whole, fantastic.” – Revit add-on developer
• “Greatly appreciated” – anonymous
• “This is awesome!” – anonymous
• “The list of manufacturers alone makes it worth it.” – anonymous

All of us at BlueBryk are encouraged by this warm response. We are pleased to be working on a project that is helping you get your job done a little faster. And, we will keep working to make BlueBryk better.