Revit Family Myths Part 1 - There is not enough Revit® Content Available

Every Revit project we work on has some need for new or modified families. Some of us are making families almost every day. So how can I say it is a myth that “there is not enough?”

First, let us agree that there is always a need for more. Are there any CAD Jockeys out there that believe they had every AutoCAD block they ever needed after 20 years? Does anyone have enough money?

Still, I claim there is almost too much Revit content available. “Where?” you ask. Let me remind you of all the places you have Revit families.
---“Out of the box” content – Revit 2015 ships with more than 3,000 families
---Company Library – You’ve made families and you’ve saved them. How many? In one example, HOK’s San Francisco office has access to over 4,500 HOK-created families plus another 5,000 local-office created families.
---Company Completed Projects – All those families you made for previous projects are waiting for you to extract them and add to your company library.
---Free families from the community of Revit users – Most of you have heard of Revit City, but families can be downloaded from AUGI, Revit Forum and other “Community Exchanges”.
---Free families from “Commercial Consolidators” – These are people like Autodesk SEEK in the US. Britain has the National BIM Library and Australia/New Zealand has BIM-MEPaus among others. World-wide there are at least 25 of these consolidators.
---Free families from Building Product Manufacturers – While SEEK lists 400 US manufacturers, there are over 2,000 manufacturers around the world that have free families for download.
---If you are no longer a student, and can pay for content, there are at least a dozen Revit Family Stores like YellowBryk.
---And don’t forget about the dozens of independent Revit family builders. These content builders are an excellent way to create or grow your Revit family library. They can also extract the families from your past projects and build an organized, high-quality library for you.

As you can see, there are more Revit families than you will ever be able to use in your projects. The problem is not “There are not enough Revit families available.” The problem is how to find them.

So, how to find Revit families? I’ve tried Google. I’ve tried searching multiple commercial consolidators. That process is too tedious. My search tool of choice now is BlueBryk.