How to change the Revit default font

With about 300 fonts to choose from, many design firms have changed Revit's default font (Arial) to something else. But how hard is it? What are the steps? Below is the step-by-step instructions on how to change Revit's default Arial font to something you like better:

1. Open your Revit template file.
2. Add new fonts to the template.
__ a. On the Annotate tab, click on the Text tool.
__ b. In the Type Properties dialog, click on the Edit Type button.
__ c. Click on the Duplicate button and type the new font name.
__ d. Change the Text Font property to the new font name to match the Type name.
__ e. Repeat this process for each font in the text Type Properties dialog. There will be several Arial fonts, one for each size.
3. In each template view
__ a. Select everything in the view.
__ b. Use the Filter tool to select only the Text Notes.
__ c. Change the Arial font to the new font.
4. Use the Purge Unused tool on the Manage tab to purge unused Text Styles.
__ a. If you are unable to purge all the Arial fonts, there is more work to do. See below.
5. Change the fonts within each of Revit's 6 common Dimension Styles.
6. Change the fonts within each annotation, tag, or family used in the template.