Generic MEP Families Comming to the UK National BIM Library

THE GOOD NEWS (Quoting the February 07 announcement).   Generic MEP families are being provided for free.   

  • Fire and detection equipment: Control and indicating equipment, detection (i.e. point heat and point smoke detectors, beam detectors), mimic panels, manual call points and sounders.
  • Intruder detection and alarm systems: Control and indicating equipment, detectors (including PIR, PIR and microwave, beam and acoustic), and sounders.
  • LV distribution equipment: Cubicle switchgear, distribution boards and consumer units. Road and amenity lighting: Lighting columns, brackets and bollards.
  • Water services: Calorifiers, water heaters (both storage and instantaneous), pumps, booster sets, pressurization units, expansion vessels, storage tanks and solar collectors.
  • Heating plant and equipment: Boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, emitters and heat pumps.
  • Ventilation and cooling: air handling units, condensing units, chillers and spilt coil units.

[AND... ]

  • Geometrically accurate and instantly recognisable;
  • Of variable dimensions and connection type, to ensure maximum flexibility;
  • Produced complete with identifiable and visual detection zones where appropriate;
  • Complete with clearance/maintenance zones; and
  • 'Non-hosted'; that is, they don't have to be fixed to a wall or a ceiling when brought into the project.

THE BAD NEWS (as of March 07)

  • When I went to the NBS website ( there were only 5 families in this set. Upon follow-up with NBS, I was told, “We shall be uploading generic M&E objects onto the National BIM Library in phased sets over the next few weeks.”

So keep checking back. For now, some Revit families are available, they are free, flexible, and well parameterized (COBie, IFC, etc.). Try them out and let us know what you think.