Autodesk® Seek Is Dead

If you have been using the Seek tool to search for Revit families, you know that Seek is dead. Early this year, BIMobject® took over the Seek business. What does this mean for people looking for BIM content? Several things.

The first impact is that using the built-in content search, will take you to a source of content much larger than Seek. BIMobject's service area is international. Seek was primarily USA manufacturers. There are many more manufacturers in the database, and searches are filterable by region.

Second, eliminating Seek reduces the number of commercial BIM content consolidators by one. There are still more than 20 consolidators to choose from (and to search through) if you are looking for Revit families. Of course, you can search through ALL those consolidators in one place, Bluebryk.

For your use of Bluebryk, it means that we will be updating our database to incorporate the change. In the interim you may see some reference to Seek. For now, we ask you to interpret that reference to mean BIMobject.